Way too tasty to be wasted

Way too tasty to be wasted

Learn how a “political” crisis can cause food waste and how gleaning can help save food!

We gleaned 7000kg of apples that would go to waste and made it into delicious apple juice.

The young volunteers of Juice For Change picked 7000 kilo apples this weekend. They will use the apples to squeeze juice which will be distributed amongst their clients in 900 boxes of 5 litres.

There is a crisis of apples and pears in the whole of Belgium! Their price is very low there are too many apples on the market, mostly for the Russian Embargo but also because it was a productive year. We decided that we had to act fast and gathered partners to do something about it. That’s how the idea of Juice For Change came on.

The apple picking took place at the farm of Arthur Mombaerts, a young Belgian fruit farmer. He was delighted by the undertaking of the young enthusiasts. ‘It was impossible to harvest the apples at a market price of 7 euro cents, a share of my apples would just rot while hanging on the tree.’’ explains Arthur. ‘Juice For Change now enables me to harvest them by buying the apples at 31 euro cents’.

The money for the action was collected with the aid of a successful crowdfunding campaign. Their 900 boxes of apple juice were sold in a little over a week which allowed Juice For Change to collect 11250 euro. Joris Depouillon, man behind Juice For Change is very happy with the result. ‘The rate at which the apple juice was sold, illustrates people’s concern with food waste’, according to Joris. ‘And you know their worry is very legitimate, these apples are way too tasty to be wasted!’.

Saving Food platform will be very helpful in our next gleaning to get more volunteers and ease the coordination.