SavingFood is developing 10 motivational videos to raise awareness about the food waste challenge, train citizens on food waste prevention practices and engage stakeholders to become part of the solution.

Education is the key to a sustainable solution for #foodwaste! We have very good news for you! The first set of videos is here! Check this out and feel free to spread the word!

Educational on food waste

Watch this educational video tailored to children to help them comprehend the food waste problematic and adopt an environmentally and socially responsible behaviour.

Raising awareness, passing along the message, affecting the behaviour of parents and other kids, making change! Join the revolution! Start SavingFood now!

Challenges of food waste

Are you concerned about #foodwaste? Is it an issue you are interested in finding out more about? We invite you in any case to discover our “Challenge of food waste” video. Citizens’ understanding and awareness of food waste -and its implications for the economy, the environment and society- are key areas when pursuing to tackle the problem.


What is gleaning? SavingFood facilitates gleaning activities! Watch this video to understand the global dimension of food losses & waste in the field!

  • Are you a farmer? Much better. This video will help you use the SavingFood platform to rescue surplus produce.
  • Are you a volunteer willing to help us save food and become part of our community? Have a fun day out in the field! Learn more!
  • Are you a welfare organisation interested in donations? Learn how you can be benefited and how you can help us!

The opportunities of the SavingFood platform

Let’s tackle food waste together! Let’s offer a socially and environmentally responsible solution to tackle this challenge and let’s help people in need!

Are you a potential donor? Are you a welfare organisation? Are you a volunteer? Watch this video and learn how you can get actively involved in food rescuing and redistribution activities!

This video aims at providing an overview and all pertinent information relating to the SavingFood project and highlighting the opportunities promoted via the platform!

Direct way of SavingFood

Don’t throw surplus food! Watch how you can help end food waste, today!

SavingFood promotes an operational model apt for all food businesses, irrespective of their size and the quantity of excess food to be offered, covering all types of food across the entire supply chain (production, processing, distribution). It offers an easy and effective way to food businesses willing to donate their surplus food to people who need it the most. This explainer video aims to highlight exactly this aspect.

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