The project

SavingFood offers a novel approach to tackle food waste, by turning this environmental issue into an innovative solution to fight hunger through the redistribution of surplus food to welfare organisations that support people in need. Moving forward from existing food redistribution channels SavingFood seeks to create a social movement for reducing food waste, by engaging all actors of the food waste cycle to become part of the solution.

The project brings together the food waste community and the technical and scientific community in a mutually beneficial context to provide a complete, sustainable and flexible platform where all participants – food donors, beneficiaries, policy-makers and society at large – can engage, discuss and deliver within a pro-social environment in which everyone’s needs are met, information is shared and food is effectively distributed.

SavingFood is a two years CAPS project funded by H2020. Coordinated by ViLabs, the SavingFood consortium includes partners with strong expertise in campaigns and practices against food waste, in IT development as well as in social research and analysis: Boroume, HFA (Hungarian Food Bank Association), FILAB, FEEDBACK and imec.

The main objectives of SavingFood are to:

  • Develop a bottom up solution for reducing food waste and fighting hunger by harnessing the collaborative powers of ICT networks.
  • Go beyond food redistribution to improve awareness and engagement across multiple stakeholders.
  • Create a novel and more effective operational model for food redistribution that will dramatically increase current levels of engagement.
  • Drive and sustain behaviour change towards food waste reduction on personal and collective levels.
  • Gain a better understanding on the processes of collective awareness, collective intelligence and online behaviours and networks.
  • Enable the adoption of SavingFood so as to offer a Europe-wide social innovation solution towards food waste.

You can find more about SavingFood by downloading and reading the “All about SavingFood” pdf file, a very small yet detailed presentation of the Project, challenges, the objectives, the actions and the partners involved!

Below you can watch our “Challenge of food waste” video and understand the situation, since understanding and raising awareness of food waste – and its implications for the economy, the environment and society – are key areas when trying to tackle the problem.

All about SavingFood
Download file