The case of Boroume

The case of Boroume

Boroume follows a holistic approach towards the issue of food waste, while also tackling food insecurity in Greece, through the organisation’s programmes:

Boroume’s innovative approach to saving food suggests a direct and immediate link between the donor and the charity and a coordinated (quick) pick-up of the donation by the latter. Boroume does not collect, transport or stock food. They connect food donors with the most appropriate recipient organisation that they identify principally on the basis of geographical proximity and the match of the current food needs of the charity for a specific donation.

Boroume covers all three food redistribution scenarios that the SavingFood platform supports, i.e. Farmers’ markets, Gleaning and General food rescue Special emphasis is placed upon the Farmers’ market programme, launched at the time when the SavingFood project started since it presented considerable evolution in the two-year period. Moreover, they have more significant experience in relation to the implementation of this scenario on the Saving Food platform.

Main results and success stories

In 2017 they increased the number of participating farmers’ markets, and as a result, Boroume increased the volume of fresh products they saved & offered.

Specifically, Boroume accomplished the following:

  • increased the number of participating farmers’ markets from 5 to 13 in Attika region
  • saved & offered a total of 73,5 tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables to local charitable organisations
  • carried out 367 actions of saving & offering fresh products
  • recruited 263 volunteers for the teams of volunteers that participate in the programme
  • made preparations for expanding the programme to Thessaloniki by establishing a collaboration with two local farmers markets in the first trimester of 2018.

SavingFood Platform

Boroume already managed 4 (out of 15) participating farmers’ markets and the particular weekly actions through the SavingFood the platform.

The online community comprises already 47 registered users as volunteers.

Currently, 14 actions have successfully been completed, and three more are already scheduled for the following days.

The positive results of the SavingFood platform integration can be summarised as follows.

The online management allows for:

  • enhanced operational efficiency in terms of human and time resources for our organisation
  • easier coordination between the organisation and volunteers, as well as among them
  • overview of planned events and easy access to all necessary information for interested participants
  • better allocation of volunteers among the planned actions, since users can view the commitments for each action
  • participants get informed online on saved & offered quantities thanks to their contribution.

Concerning Gleaning

The “Boroume Gleaning” program aims to bridge the surplus agricultural produce to those who need it the most in Greece.

Main results and success stories

In total, in 2017: Boroume saved & offered 1.340 kilos of fresh fruits and vegetables from fields and orchards.

They had two gleaning actions of harvesting fruits and vegetables, with the participation of 21 volunteers.

Saving Food Platform

As it is also the case for the farmers’ market scenario, the added value of the platform in managing gleaning activities lies in easily informing volunteers about new events, providing all necessary information related to an event, as well as arranging logistics (e.g. car-sharing).

Until now, Boroume has successfully organised through the SavingFood platform one gleaning action in Marathon, Attica with the participation of 9 volunteers, which resulted in 750kg of leaks and cabbages being saved and donated to local social soup kitchens.

General Food Rescue

Through the “Saving & Offering Food” programme Borouem managed to rescue all types of food products, irrespective of the size of the donor company (from local food stores to large supermarket chains) and of the quantity of donated food, from all kind of food donors across the food supply chain (food processing, distribution, retail, food services, down to households).

In addition to food companies, the Boroume network also includes many non-food companies and other institutions such as schools, who regularly offer surplus food from their canteens and their events.

Main results and success stories

In 2017 Boroume saved and offered 7.5 million portions of food. They placed donations of food from 1.165 separate donor supplier locations (with 428 of those offering food on a regular basis) to 404 charitable organisations all over Greece.

The average daily offers for 2017 were 20.459 food portions.

Engagement strategy

Building upon the Engagement and Behavioural Change Strategy developed by SavingFood, particular effort was invested successfully in reaching out to potential donors (both individually and through sectoral representative associations) and opening up new possibilities for cooperation.