Sustainability Working Group

Sustainability Working Group

What do we want to achieve?

What is the benefit from replicating our solution?

gather, distribute and receive surplus food easily

If you know what SavingFood project is about, the answer might come straight: because the aim is good on more levels, so why not replicating it, making it sustainable?

Just for a rapid recap: SavingFood will result in a user friendly application, which assists donors, charities and volunteers in offering, gathering (in gleanings and events), distributing and receiving surplus food easily.

As we expect the platform to satisfy the needs of all actors, the platform will be built on open source base. Hence we provide the possibility for actually anyone, who are interested in food saving (and also awareness raising), to reuse the application, adjust its features to their own needs and possibilities.

How to replicate?

how to replicate

The key to replication will be the Sustainability Working Group. The task of the group is to help in replicating the platform in different geographical locations by relevant stakeholders. The group will search connection with other relevant organisations to be involved. By using their networks, the group will be a great help in distribution and adaptation of the platform, so the potential adapters and users will get in connection with the partnership more easily.

Hence, the Sustainability Working Group will support the testing, usage and adoption of the platform and the used methods. The members of the group will consist of organisations and institutes with large network (already existing, or to be established) of related entities, such as FEBA, or the Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network, etc.

By getting connected to SavingFood via the Sustainability Working Group, the preferred adaptations can be carried out confidently.

What do we expect from all of this?

redistribute food

The partnership highly hopes that the SavingFood platform will not be the solution for a few organisations, to deal with their food saving procedures. We would like to ensure, that those who are interested in food redistribution could count on this platform to be a reliable and useful support.

Of course the SavingFood platform, together with the user connections, the calculation possibilities are “just” tools for saving surplus food and helping people in need. The platform apart from its practical use, will also serve as an educational and awareness raising device, that will motivate other people or groups to join or start a food saving activity. This way the issue of food overproduction and also of the people in need and charity supporting will be known for more and more individuals.

Our main objective is not only the production of the food redistribution tool, with all its functions, but also to drive the focus of the general public to this issue, and to support them in taking active part in such actions.