SavingFood Online Webinar

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SavingFood Online Webinar

How can online networks help us save surplus food?

Share knowledge, join forces, fight food waste!

Date & Time: Wednesday, 25 May 2016, from 14:00 to 15.30 CET

In this webinar, we will introduce the SavingFood project, we will present its collective awareness and behaviour change aspect and provide a first overview of the platform and its functionalities.

This webinar is mainly targeted at organisations fighting food waste with the help of ICT solutions.

We will be very glad to discuss with you, answer your questions and see where and how we can cooperate!


  • Eirini Kalemaki, SavingFood Project coordinator (ViLabs): What is Savingfood?
  • Wim Vanobberghen, SavingFood Scientific manager, (IMinds): “How SavingFood influences behaviour change?”
  • Brian Pickering, SavingFood Technical manager (IT Innovation) “The functionalities of the SavingFood platform.”
  • Dan Wooley, coordinator of the SavingFood pilots in the UK and Belgium (Feedback): “How SavingFood can facilitate gleaning?”

To participate in the webinar please register for free here.