SavingFood on farmer’s market, Viron, Athens

  • Athens, Greece

SavingFood on farmer’s market, Viron, Athens

One of our food rescue scenarios is the farmer’s market and Boroume is very well connected in Athens. Apart from the pilot partners, the project coordinator Apostolos Vontas and ViLabs team participated as well at this food saving activity.

The evening was approaching and around 3 am cest, we left the city centre (Boroume office) and we arrived at the farmers market in Vironas to join the food saving activities with the rest of Boroume team and their volunteers!

We have proudly managed to collect a respectful amount of food, fruits and vegetables which otherwise would have ended in waste. The collected products were distributed were offered to the Solidarity Structure of the Municipality of Pagkrati and the day after, during the First Awareness raising Event in Aiolou and Vyssis, 600 salads were prepared by those fruits and vegetables to “Attica Acceptance and Solidarity Center” (KYADA)

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Sincerely the SavingFood Team

The team in action: