SavingFood is now on Instagram

SavingFood is now on Instagram

SavingFood, the innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks has, from now on, an Instagram account.

Our Instagram account, along with our accounts on Facebook and Twitter will provide to you useful and at the same time pleasant content regarding the processes, activities, events of SavingFood project.

By following us on Instagram, you will have the unique opportunity to learn in a fast way about our activities and watch pictures and live videos. At the same time, you will have access to SavingFood informative material, which you can share to your own networks to help us raise awareness about food waste.

Let’s follow the SavingFood revolution.

Let’s stop food waste together!

On the 14th of October, “” will provide you with info, pictures and live videos from the first Awareness Raising Event in Greece organized by “Boroume”.

You can always come and find us on Saturday, October 14, at 12-3pm at the intersection of the pavements of Vissis & Aeolou streets and share the SavingFood story together!

Follow the growing social movement of SavingFood, to stop food waste, to support the redistribution of surplus food to those in need to SavingFood!

Our Instagram account “”.