SavingFood Collaborations

SavingFood Collaborations

SavingFood has established active bonds of collaboration with other relevant CAPS projects such as the “CAPSELLA”, The “Comrades Project”, the “Power2020 Project” while it has been an active member of the CAPSSI Community.


Capsella develops innovative ICT solutions tailored to the needs of all food, field and seed related actors engaging in agrobiodiversity. Above all, we harness the power of open data to help communities innovate.

Capsella has a bottom-up, participatory approach, to ensure ICT responds to emerging needs. Through user conversations, workshops, hackathons, an online platform for collaboration and sharing open data, Capsella is a platform for innovation.

Who’s using Capsella? Farmers, food & seed communities and networks interact with agroecology, agri-food and ICT experts to test, validate and select the innovative applications and tools best suited to their needs.

The COMRADES Project

COMRADES (Collective Platform for Community Resilience and Social Innovation during Crises) aims to empower communities with intelligent socio-technical solutions to help them reconnect, respond to, and recover from crisis situations.

Power Project

The Project “Political and SOcial awareness on Water EnviRonmental challenges” (POWER) has been funded by the EU under the H2020-ICT10c-2015 Call. The Project will set up a user-driven Digital Social Platform (DSP) for the expansion and governance of POWER existing water networks.

The POWER DSP will contribute to the Europe 2020 social policy objectives, to enable large-scale social innovation in order to tackle specific social challenges and support the uptake of the Horizon 2020 programme results. It will be a Digital Social Platform for innovation and growth, by engaging on a large scale with stakeholders in the co-creation and delivery of digital products and services to citizens involving awareness-raising, new policy initiatives and deployment.

CAPSSI Inititative

CAPSSI stands for “Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation.”

The CAPSSI initiative is promoted by the European Commission and empowered via coordination and support activities provided by the ChiC, Coordinating high-Impact for CAPS, project. ChiC operates to enhance and enlarge the CAPS community for impact to be generated within the H2020 Framework Programme and beyond.