SavingFood and sharing love to the community

SavingFood and sharing love to the community

Are you aware of what the SavingFood solution is about? To fight food waste. No, wrong answer! We aim at way more than that. Yes, the CAPs platform will help us fight food waste, but it will also help us bring the food waste community together, help people in need and offer a responsible, environmentally friendly solution.

The news is coming from Greece and the pilot partner Boroume, which identified a seemingly good practice for sharing food in Athens. Citizens used to share photos on social media of surplus food in trashcans and encourage people to do the same as to offer their otherwise wasted food to those in need. This seems like a very good initiative with positive intentions, but the outcome is not as beneficial as other practices.

Why we do not prefer that? SavingFood offers a positive solution against food waste and hunger. People in need are also part of the community and we would like to protect their dignity and their health.

If we place the surplus food near a trashcan, then we unfortunately manage to:

  • seriously endanger the health of a recipient and leave an extremely dangerous source of germs,
  • give incentive to the recipient to look for his/her next meal in the trash, getting even more the already battered dignity,
  • force the recipient to connect in his/her mind food, that is the most basic human need, with garbage. As the proverb goes “you are what you eat”, we do not want them to feel even worse.

What can you do, if you have surplus food and you would like to help?

The SavingFood platform will be available real soon to give you the opportunity to spread the love to those in need and support welfare organisations, while saving food and protecting the environment. You can watch this video and understand the opportunities of the SavingFood platform:

Choose to become part of the solution and do it the right way!

Join the SavingFood revolution!

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For the time being, if you are located in Greece or Hungary look for Boroume and HFA to help you with the food redistribution in your area!