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04/03/2016Press Release: “SavingFood against food waste”InnotekaClick here
08/03/2016Monthly newsletter of Boroume (Boroume in 2016)BoroumeClick here
22/03/2016Monthly newsletter of Boroume (Boroume in 2015)BoroumeClick here
28/03/2016Monthly newsletter of Boroume (Launch of the European program "SavingFood")BoroumeClick here
31/08/2016Monthly newsletter of Boroume (Invitation to participate in research on food wastage and volunteering)BoroumeClick here
22/09/2016Press Release: “Save food with the power of community”ElelmiszerbankClick here
19/01/2017Monthly newsletter of Boroume (The challenges of food waste and food rescue opportunities. Watch videos!)BoroumeClick here
07/03/2017Behavioural change strategy - The case of food surplus redistributionCordisClick here
29/05/2017CAPSSI Newsletter: SavingFood – The Disco Soup was a great success!CapssiClick here
29/06/2017Interview: “One third: SavingFood tackles food waste by redistributing surplus to people in need”Katana projectClick here
19/07/2017CAPSSI Newsletter: “Night of the Budapest Wholesale Market – SavingFood”CapssiClick here
19/07/2017CAPSSI Newsletter: SavingFood training videosCapssiClick here
20/10/2017Press Release : “We can in the Triangle: Group action to promote & disseminate the message "No portion of food lost"”BoroumeClick here
27/10/2017Boroume quarterly action report, July - September 2017BoroumeClick here