Introduce the SavingFood platform

Introduce the SavingFood platform

The (SavingFood) Platform to stop food waste!

Our platform offers a novel approach to tackle food waste, by turning this environmental issue into an innovative solution to fight hunger through the redistribution of surplus food to welfare organisations that support people in need.

The platform combines our three ways to save food and tackle food waste and supports the creation of a social movement for reducing food waste, by the very engagement of all actors of the food waste cycle to become part of the solution.

Within our Platform, you can find instructions, training material, tools to use in order to calculate your food waste, ways to support the SavingFood innovative approach and the ability to participate to savingfood events close to you! All you have to do is register to the platform and choose the event that suits you.

In case you want to find out more, like what exactly is this SavingFood Platform or how could a platform tackle food waste and fight hunger, click on the following video!