Gleaning through SavingFood in the UK and Belgium

Gleaning through SavingFood in the UK and Belgium

The case of Feedback in the UK

Through our use of the SavingFood Platform Feedback will identify notable efficiencies that reduce the time and effort required to organise and run gleaning days. In turn, this reduce the costs associated with gleaning (especially staff time) and therefore increase the potential of expanding of gleaning activities throughout the UK. Furthermore, the SavingFood Community, especially as developed through our awareness raising events, has allowed to expand the network of volunteers.

Feedback will utilise the SavingFood platform to facilitate gleaning days. They will also explore the possibility of expanding gleaning to new regions throughout the UK, which they hope will be made more easy and cost-effective through the rollout of SavingFood. Additionally, Feedback aims to trial the SavingFood platform to support urban harvesting activities – first in London, then, if successful, in other cities throughout the UK

The case of FoodWin in Brussels

FoodWIN is a coordinator of the Gleaning Network Belgium.

The Gleaning Network works together with volunteers, local farmers and the food banks to prevent food waste in the field.

Often farmers cannot harvest (part of) their crops because they do not meet the absurd cosmetic standards of the supermarkets or simply because there is a surplus on the market. With the Gleaning Network FoodWin saves these vegetables and fruit from a certain waste to serve them at the food banks.

Worldwide, 1 / 3rd of the produced food is simply thrown away. This happens on the field, during processing and transport, and in our own kitchens. Feedback and the Gleaning Network want to change it.

When they track down a farmer with a surplus, the announce the date and place of the gleaning here and they go out with as many volunteers as possible to harvest coal, spinach, tomatoes, apples, and other fruits and vegetables.

The SavingFood project will help them get organised and find gleaning ambassadors. Those ambassadors are of great help for the gleaning network. Since they do not receive an economic support to work on gleanings even if thanks to them they can save tons of food and the Food Bank are extremely happy to get perfectly fresh food for the charities, social restaurants and social groceries.