Food waste challenges and FoodSaving opportunities

Food waste challenges and FoodSaving opportunities

We are happy to share with you the first set of videos, we have created on the food waste challenge and food saving opportunities!

Are you concerned about food waste? Is it an issue you are interested in finding out more about? We invite you in any case to discover our “Challenge of food waste” video. You can thus gain an overview and an insight into facts and figures on food waste, as well as its impact on society, the environment and the economy.

As a parent or teacher, do you also want to explain and discuss food waste with your children or pupils? There is an “Educational video” tailored to walk children through the food waste problem. Moreover, you will find therein some easy-to- follow- tips for the whole family in order to avoid food waste at home. Let us help get you started!

Do you believe that there are compelling reasons for tackling food waste, while at the same time helping people who face food insecurity and doing what’s right for the environment? Here comes the good news. The SavingFood project makes it easy for us all to contribute towards reducing food waste and to get involved with the redistribution of surplus food for the benefit of vulnerable groups in our society.

Share the videos with family and friends and stay tuned for the next ones coming up soon! We will release shortly -ahead of the launch of the SavingFood platform- three more videos concerning the different opportunities and food saving & redistribution activities you can participate.