Food waste calculator

SavingFood has developed a self-assessment tool for businesses like supermakets, restaurants, bakeries etc. in order to help them understand the financial and environmental impact of their food waste activities. Such organisations are now able to use this tool for free and estimate what food wastage currently costs them in terms of lost revenue and waste management expenses.

  • Do you need instructions?

    • Enter the number of meals or portions of food which are thrown out per day / week / month (you can select whichever timeframe you feel most comfortable with)
    • Set the average preparation cost of a meal or portion of food (not the average price, but what it costs your business, in terms or raw ingredients, time invested, energy costs, etc.)
    • Set the average size of a meal or portion (expressed in grams)
    • The process can be repeated multiple times (by pressing the plus (+) sign) to enter the different types of food which are wasted (for example, include different costs associated with a dish, or different sized portions)
    • Enter any other (unclassified) food or ingredients which are thrown out per day / week / month (expressed in kilograms)
    • Specify the average cost of said food or ingredients, expressed in euros per kilogram
    • The above process can be repeated multiple times to account for the carious raw ingredients that are thrown out (for example, different types of products associated with a different cost per kg)
    • Specify the waste disposal cost which is appropriate for your country and location, expressed in euros per ton of disposed waste (only if known)
  • Waste disposal cost

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