The main mission of SavingFood is to provide a European wide solution for reducing food waste. There are many organisations and grassroots communities around Europe and globally that work towards this end but mainly based on a more traditional approach and without exploiting the power of online networks. SavingFood offers a unique opportunity for them to make their activities more effective and increase their impact. Therefore, the SavingFood platform will be made available through a standard Open Source licence so as to provide the opportunity to interested food rescue organisations to replicate, adopt and use it after the end of the project.

In addition, the project deliverables are open access, so that the methodologies used and lessons learned in SavingFood can be used as a guide for any initiatives of a similar nature and cause.

Deliverable Number Deliverable Title
D1.1Data management and RRI plan
D1.2Quality Assurance – Risk Management plan
D2.3Users and Data requirements
D2.4SavingFood conceptual and Methodological framework
D2.6Strategizing SavingFood: Engagement and Behaviours
D3.4SavingFood 2.0 platform prototype evaluation
D3.5Platform architecture
D3.8SavingFood 2.0 platform
D3.9SavingFood 2.0 platform evaluation
D4.1Pilot implementation plan
D4.2Pilot case deployment period 1
D4.3Pilot case deployment period 2
D5.1Evaluation methodology
D5.2Evaluation of pilot case results v.1
D5.3Evaluation of pilot case results v.2
D5.4Behaviour change analysis
D6.01Dissemination plan
D6.02Donors motivational material
D6.04Motivational videos v1
D6.05Dissemination plan & progress report v1
D6.06Motivational videos v2
D6.07Dissemination plan & progress report v2
D6.08Sustainability plan
D6.09Replication Handbook
D6.10Policy recommendations