Awareness raising events – The results

Awareness raising events – The results

During the project’s official lifecycle 11 awareness raising events took place in the four pilots countries, thus in Belgium, Greece, Hungary and the UK.

Awareness raisign events, were communication activities organized around events with the purpose to inform citizens and all individuals about the activities, processes and results of the SavingFood project. All 11 events have been implemented with notable success, while they have been widely disseminated not only by the project’s channels of communication but widely by national and international media.

Specifically, the main objective was to inform and engage existing and new communities of end users to participate in the project activities, raise awareness on the issue of food waste and on their potential to become part of the SavingFood solution and influence behavior change towards the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles.

The number of citizens reached through the awareness raising events and the dissemination activities of the project during the project’s lifecycle is than 820.000.

The following table contains the list of the awareness raising events organized so far.

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