A successful SavingFood Disco Soup in Belgium

A successful SavingFood Disco Soup in Belgium

A SavingFood Disco Soup took place on the first of March in Belgium, organized by the SavingFood Project and our partner in Brussels, FoodWin, at Grand Place, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, and lasted from 12:30 to 18:00 o’clock.

FoodWIN and the students of Louvain La Neuve organised a Disco Soup to end the CAP transition Festival on March 1st in Louvain La Neuve. We held a family-friendly event and presentation of all the organisations. We invited the public to create a meal collectively, using surplus food that otherwise would have been wasted, all while disco dancing to beats provided by local DJs.

The objective was to raise awareness of the Saving Food project, in particular, the opportunity to get involved with gleaning to rescue potentially wasted food, and to engage local partners across Belgium for the Saving Food movement and of the impact of the food system on climate change and how to go towards zero waste lifestyle.

There were many activities to do around food surplus and zero waste.

Ending the festival with food was a must, and plenty of students and people were happy to join.

Around 500 people turned up and experienced the fun of getting involved in the Saving Food movement., while 200 meals have been served. The participants watched films, took part in workshops, chopped rescued vegetables, tasted delicious food and made products to take home with them.

There were many organizations present that day to end the festival and show all of the possibilities of living a zero-waste lifestyle including no food to waste.

Below you can find out which organizations participated and some information about them.

Thank you all.

GasapGroup of solidarity purchases of peasant agriculture: Presentation + Quiz of forgotten vegetables
Nosse MoulinCitizen Cooperative active in the production of renewable energy: Presentation + Quiz on energy
Compagnons de la terreCooperative for social purpose for agroecology in the Liège region: Presentation + Vegetable juice
Passeurs d’ energieCharity on the theme of sustainable housing: Presentation + Game
Zéro CarabistouilleThe everyday life of a zero waste family: zero waste per room in the house
FianCoalition network against hunger and the right to food: Presentation
ProxidealAn application whose goal is to reduce food waste: Presentation
HesbEnergieCitizen Cooperative Renewable Energy Production: Presentation + Wind turbine creation with feathers
KamiEssentials for a zero waste lifestyle
GraspHopperZero waste and food + Demo kit for a zero waste life
RécuphéronsRecycling tips: manufacturing t-shirt / jeans bags + manufacturing cup holders + manufacturing multi-function housings
ÉcoconsoEncourages consumer choices and behaviours that respect the environment and health: Presentation + Game + tips + Quizzes
Allons En VentA cooperative that manages the children’s wind turbine
FärmSustainable food cooperative + tastings
KotCarrefourEcokot + fun activity on composting
Green squadCharity reception and training of woofers in permaculture and agroforestry techniques: Presentation
EzeePromotion of electric bike + test bikes funs