• SavingFood in Greece

    The pilot implementation of Saving Food in Greece will be led by Boroume, the organisation in Greece dedicated to save food.

  • SavingFood in Hungary

    The pilot implementation of SavingFood in Hungary will be led by the Hungarian Food Bank Association (HFA), the major food redistribution actor in the country.

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  • SavingFood in UK

    The pilot deployment of SavingFood in the UK will be led by Feedback, a charity that campaigns to end waste at every level of the food system by catalysing food waste movements around the world.

  • SavingFood in Belgium

    Feedback and its Gleaning Network in Belgium will lead the pilot deployment of SavingFood platform in Belgium.


About SavingFood

Food waste represents a global paradox! Whilst approximately a third of the food produced in the world each year is being wasted, at the same time nearly a billion people are unable to cover their daily needs in food.

In this respect, SavingFood offers an innovative and socially responsible solution to the food waste challenge by developing an online networked community of various stakeholders that through collective awareness, knowledge sharing, motivations and incentives, will facilitate the redistribution of surplus food and leftover crops for the benefit of the vulnerable groups of our society.

Latest News

The First awareness raising event in Greece in Athens on Saturday, October 14

A successful SavingFood launch event took place in Greece, in the heart of Athens, under the name “Boroume in Trigono”, which literally means “we can in the triangle”. The event was organised by Boroume, joining forces with the City of Athens’ “Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle project”. The aim of the event was to…

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SavingFood on farmer’s market, Viron, Athens

One of our food rescue scenarios is the farmer’s market and Boroume is very well connected in Athens. Apart from the pilot partners, the project coordinator Apostolos Vontas and ViLabs team participated as well at this food saving activity. The evening was approaching and around 3 am cest, we left the city centre (Boroume office)…

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The First awareness raising event in Greece in Athens on Saturday, October 14. Be there!

SavingFood will be in Athens on Saturday, October 14, at 12-3pm, in view of World Food Day 2017 in the framework of “Boroume” actions and “Revitalization of the Athens Commercial Triangle”, which are joining forces and are organizing a great public awareness raising celebration at the intersection of the pavements of Vissis & Aeolou streets….

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SavingFood is now on Instagram

SavingFood, the innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks has, from now on, an Instagram account. Our Instagram account, along with our accounts on Facebook and Twitter will provide to you useful and at the same time pleasant content regarding the processes, activities, events of SavingFood project. By following…

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SavingFood in FOOD 2030 workshop “Cities for Food Systems Innovation and Green Jobs” organised by the EC

Our Project Coordinator was in Brussels during the Green Week to present the SavingFood project. In the context of “Cities for Food Systems Innovation and Green Jobs” a full day workshop with various stakeholders (from city representatives, researchers, entrepreneurs to civil society) took place to explore the role of the cities in fostering food systems…

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SavingFood on the «REFRESH: Community of Experts»!

SavingFood has subscribed to the «REFRESH: Community of Experts» and on the 26th of September one of our videos has been uploaded to their website. “The REFRESH: Community of Experts actively promotes a collaborative approach to tackling the issue of food waste. There is a wealth of information focused on food loss and waste across…

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5th SavingFood Project meeting in Athens and participation to Farmer’s market in Vironas, Greece.

On 8 – 9th of June 2017, the SavingFood community met in Athens, Greece to attend the 5th project meeting, that Boroume hosted in the beautiful facilities of Impact Hub Athens. After a fruitful meeting, the team decided to take a unique opportunity and rescue the food at the farmer’s market of Vironas. One of…

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CAPS and DSI – What’s up next?

SavingFood is part of the CAPS Community and a supporter of Digital Social Innovation. Let us introduce you the next events must to attend. “What next for Digital Social Innovation?”, in London, on 16th and 17th May, gathering DSI funders and practitioners from across Europe, and offering a tour of London’s most exciting DSI hubs….

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Join the SavingFood revolution with a Disco Soup party in Brussels

Join the SavingFood revolution with a Disco Soupe party in Brussels – The event was organised by SavingFood’s partner Feedback in Brussels on 29 April 2017 to celebrate the World Disco Soup Day 2017 and present the EU wide food waste (CAPS) platform SavingFood to give updates on the progress of this technological solution to…

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SavingFood and sharing love to the community

Are you aware of what the SavingFood solution is about? To fight food waste. No, wrong answer! We aim at way more than that. Yes, the CAPs platform will help us fight food waste, but it will also help us bring the food waste community together, help people in need and offer a responsible, environmentally…

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Food waste challenges and FoodSaving opportunities

We are happy to share with you the first set of videos, we have created on the food waste challenge and food saving opportunities! Are you concerned about food waste? Is it an issue you are interested in finding out more about? We invite you in any case to discover our “Challenge of food waste”…

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Way too tasty to be wasted

Learn how a “political” crisis can cause food waste and how gleaning can help save food! We gleaned 7000kg of apples that would go to waste and made it into delicious apple juice. The young volunteers of Juice For Change picked 7000 kilo apples this weekend. They will use the apples to squeeze juice which…

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Sustainability Working Group

What do we want to achieve? What is the benefit from replicating our solution? If you know what SavingFood project is about, the answer might come straight: because the aim is good on more levels, so why not replicating it, making it sustainable? Just for a rapid recap: SavingFood will result in a user friendly…

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An initiative to save food – Food Not Bombs

You may or may not heard about the underground activism called Food Not Bombs. The initiative started arround the ’80-s as a protest against food waste and warfare. There are Food Not Bombs groups all around the Globe, the main idea is to save food from waste, and pass it to… well basically anyone, who…

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Want to help us fight food waste? Participate to our online SURVEY!

SavingFood is launching an online survey to understand and investigate further current behaviors towards food waste. Our survey is targeted to citizens located in Greece, Hungary, the UK and Belgium, who are already engaged and not engaged yet to food waste reduction practices. Your views will help us design more effective strategies and support the…

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Busy summer… preparing the pilot implementation of SavingFood

The SavingFood team was working hard during the summer period to prepare the ground for the pilot implementation of the project. Wireframes of the first version of the platform are ready and the technical development is ongoing in order to be ready for the first test with a limited number of users in October. As…

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Calculate how much food waste is costing your business and the environment

The SavingFood (SF) Cost Calculation Tool (that will be freely available from August 2016) is a tool created specifically for businesses in the food and catering sectors, and can be used to quickly and easily determine how much the food that is regularly wasted is costing your business as well as the environment! Simply enter…

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The first webinars of SavingFood

The first webinars of SavingFood as a gathering point of online food rescue solutions.In May 2016, the SavingFood partners organized two interactive webinars targeted to existing initiatives around Europe using ICT to tackle food waste…

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The Living Lab approach in SavingFood

SavingFood has successfully implemented the first user centered workshops in the four countries where the platform will be tested. Adopting a Living Lab methodology throughout the entire lifespan of the project we give emphasis at gathering and analyzing the needs of potential users. As such, the process of gathering user requirements is a priority for…

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